Studio Backdrops Sets and Locations

Locations in the studio

ACME is a unique space, which your production will have complete access to for seating, staging, production work, and craft services. ACME can also be shot into as a location. Below are defined spaces within the studio that can be shot into. They are already built, ready-to-go sets, similar to a wall flat or backdrop, and are billed as an additional rental when used in the course of shooting. Ask about our location fees for further details.

White Cyclorama

This 26′ x 26′ white shooting space is included as a part of all rentals, and does not cost additional. It is in the central part of our studio.

Grey Plaster Wall

These built-in walls arranged as a corner set measure 14′ wide and 12′ high each, and sit on a finished concrete floor. It is opposite the white cyclorama.

Seating Area

Located between the white cyclorama and studio entrance, ACME’s seating area can be rented with existing props in the space, or cleared out for customization, with the furnished shelves as a backdrop. This area changes daily in appearance, so let us know if you are interested in renting as it exists, and we can provide an up-to-date photo or arrange an appointment to tour the studio in person.

French Molding Walls

This backdrop located opposite ACME’s white cyclorama spans 18′ wide and 10′ high, with a 4′ wide return wall. It sits on a finished concrete floor.

Blue Sceniced Wooden Wall

This backdrop located in ACME’s entryway spans 14′ wide and a floor-to-ceiling height of 14′. It sits on a distressed tile and concrete floor.


Located towards the back end of the studio, the kitchen has a footprint of 15′W x 18′D and comes with props already existing in the space. The center 4′ x 8′ island is on wheels and can easily be moved out and around the kitchen as needed.

Bathrooms and Gentlemen’s Lounge

Hailed as the best bathrooms in Brooklyn, our bathrooms offer as much visual appeal as they do functional utility. These smaller spaces can be rented as one – the large bathroom is approximately 8′W x 8′D, the small 3 1/2′W x 5′D and the gentlemen’s lounge 5′W x 12′D.