Photo and Video Studio In-House Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

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ACME’s in-house equipment is available to rent for studio bookings. Contact for rates, inventory, or to request an estimate.

Rental Services

ACME in partnership with local vendors offer full service equipment and digital rental for all productions at ACME. Your equipment will be ready and waiting for your call time. Send us an e-mail with your list for a complete estimate.

Outside Equipment

A penalty of $150.00 or 10% of an outside order will be assessed for 3rd party rentals. ACME does not charge a penalty for privately held or personally owned equipment, or for film/video/motion productions.

Electric Info and Policies

ACME supplies (1) 300 AMP power distribution limo box and (2) 100 AMP, pass-thru lunch boxes, each with 50′ of power cable. Our limo provides outputs of (2) 250V 60A, (3) 120V 100A, (5) 120V 60A and (8) 120V Household/Edison Outlets.

For HMI’s and Tungstens, a fee of $25.00 per 2k of power will be applied to Equipment or Studio Billing, if necessary. There are no added fees for the use strobes (Profoto, Broncolor) or fluorescents (KinoFlo).