Prop Rental Orders & Reservations

Props may be placed on Hold or Confirmed/Ordered by phone or e-mail.
Call (347) 529–6158 or e-mail

You can also submit your Selects using the Selects Form. Manage your Selects like you would a Shopping Cart—check out how here.

When calling or e-mailing directly, please provide the Prop Item Number (AB001) and Name (Wood Bench). Responses may be delayed to requests sent as photos or screenshots.

There is no obligation or deposit required to place props on hold. ACME will notify you should another party be interested in a prop you’ve placed on hold.

ACME’s Prop Rental Terms must be completed and signed prior to renting with ACME. The form can be returned via DocuSign at, as a scanned document via e-mail, or as a fax to (347) 412–1663.

Download Prop Rental Terms
Complete Prop Rental Terms via DocuSign