Prop Rental Information

Hours and Location

ACME Props is open Monday thru Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. We are located at 350D Meserole Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our building has a private, ground floor loading dock with direct access to our warehouse.

Orders and Holds

Props may be placed on Hold or Confirmed/Ordered by phone or e-mail. There is no obligation or deposit required to place props on hold. ACME will notify you should another party be interested in a prop you’ve placed on hold.

Check availability and get a quote by picking Selects and sending to ACME using the Selects Form. Manage your Selects like you would a Shopping Cart—check out how here.

If contacting us direct, please provide the Prop Item Number (AB001) and Name (Wood Bench). Responses may be delayed for requests sent as photos or screenshots.

Pickups, Returns and Deliveries

Clients can arrange their own pickups and returns to our prop house during normal business hours.

ACME can also arrange delivery and pickup of prop rental for an additional fee. For more information and a quote, please e-mail with a delivery/pickup address and time.

Packaging and Inventory

All rentals are plastic wrapped, blanket wrapped, or boxed with bubble wrap. Please re-use the packing materials when possible for returning your rentals. Missing packing blankets will result in a replacement fee. Additional fees will be assessed for unreturned or damaged props.

We make an effort to maintain props in excellent condition and to accurately depict them in our online catalog. However, all items are rented as is.

Our entire inventory is in our online catalog, which is complete with pictures, prices, dimensions, and quantities for each item. Additional pictures or information is provided for some props. Look for and icons. All items in our collection are one-of-a-kind, in a quantity of (1), unless otherwise noted.

Terms and Agreements

Listed rental rates include use of props for up to 1 week (7 days). Rates are based on the cost of the item and not length of time. We do not offer discounts for short or daily rentals.

ACME’s complete rental agreement can be reviewed in our Prop Rental Terms. ACME’s Prop Rental terms must be completed and signed prior to renting with ACME. The form can be completed with DocuSign at, returned as a scanned document via e-mail or as a fax to (347) 412–1663.

Download Prop Rental Terms
Complete Prop Rental Terms via DocuSign

For additional questions, call (347) 529–6158 or e-mail